Frequently Asked Question. Sesi dimana kami merangkum pertanyaan-Pertanyaan yang sering ditanyakan melalui Berikut kami sampaikan lebih lengkapnya, apabila masih ada kurang jelas. Silakan kontak kami.

1. Do you have any scholarship?

Yes, we do. You can apply university scholarship by yourself in the second year of your study programme. 

2. How much is the living cost?

5.050 Euro (Rp 81.500.000) /year. Include: food, accommodation, transportation, books


3. How much is the tuition fee?

Depend on the program study and university you will take. Start from 195 Euro (Rp. 3.142.000) /academic year

4. How is the process?

Choose field of study->fill out the application form->pay the administrative->collecting documents->test and interview by university->apply student visa->come to Czech Republic

Or you can check it out on our official website

5. Do I need to have a proof of TOEFL/IELTS exam ?

Depends on the university you will choose. Mostly it is  not needed.

6. Can I do part-time job?

Yes, you can. Maximum 20 hours /week

7. Would it be possible to work in the Czech Republic after I finish my study?

Yes, but as Indonesia is a third country  you need to apply for an employee card. after finishing your studies. In other words citizen outside of Schengen territory are due to apply for an Employee card to be eligible to work in the Czech Republic. 

8. How do I find a job?

You can find a job on career center and info desk at university, portal job website, ask local students or professors.

9. How much do I earn for doing part-time job?

It’s about 3.8 Euro (Rp. 68.000) /hour (minimum wage)


10. How difficult is to find halal food in the Czech Republic?

It’s not really difficult, there are many halal restaurants or halal food stores in  the Czech Republic, which you can easily find on google map.